Coding and Robotics at Hamlin

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Caroline Windell developed a truly amazing curriculum for our students! Several students from my the Design Elective were featured in the video (the arduino projects.) Such amazing work!

Grade 3 Social Studies + Laser Cutting

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Grade 3 students created their own state seals of California using their own imagery at the end of their social studies unit.

Seals were designed in Keynote using clip art, exported as a .jpg, and laser cut out of 1/4″ birch wood.

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Grade 1 Community Project Based Learning Unit

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There is so much I love about this unit. It has happened each year I have been at Hamlin, but as it is exemplary student-centered learning in action – it’s as different every year as the students who make the learning happen.

This year Rachel Davis did an incredible job in documenting the work and reflections of the Grade 1 students and their teachers, enjoy –

Thanks to all the teachers that came together and designed this learning experience!

Source: Liz Beck – Hamlin Ed Tech Blog

ATLIS Conference Panel – Makerspaces Beyond the Hype

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I was lucky enough to be asked to speak on a panel at this year’s ATLIS conference focusing on Makerspaces with the amazing Dr. Ashley Cross, Director of Technology, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School, Tatyana Griffin Director of Educational Technology & xLab (MakerSpace) Coordinator, The College Preparatory School, Leigh Northrup Dean of Innovation and Technology, Cannon School, moderated by Sarah Rolle, Director of Technology, Elizabeth Morrow School.

The goal was to discuss how our makerspaces have evolved, how we integrate them programmatically, tips and trips, as well as philosophical questions around project-based learning. Considering we had 45 minutes, we covered a lot of ground!

Check out these cool resources that Sarah compiled from the group as a take-away from our talk.

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Grade 1 Social Studies – Community Project

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This unit was about 5 months in the making:

Map of a 8 block radius around Hamlin + Buildings built out of cardboard and paper + QR codes that link to Grade 1 students interviewing stores in the community + Squishy Circuits =

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Engineering – Landmark Exploration

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An integrator’s job is to meet with teachers to discuss their curriculum goals and brainstorm ways to make projects more fun and interactive through the use of technology/making.

In Grade 2, students learn about San Francisco landmarks, so we thought it would be interesting for students to build the Golden Gate Bridge in teams. We wanted the project to integrate both engineering and technology. Each group constructed their bridges using materials, such as cardboard, paper, tape. Once the main building phase was completed we challenged each group to integrate basic circuits into their sculpture using conductive thread, tape, LEDs, and coin batteries.

Group work also addresses other classroom goals, such as developing listening skills, learning how to work well with others, practicing advocating for yourself and your ideas while staying open-minded to what others have to contribute, and being flexible.

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Squishy Circuits with Grade 1 Students

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Is school allowed to be this fun?

Matierial: Play Doh + one Kiva block (a small wooden rectangle that serves as an insulator) + LED lights + 9V battery + wires


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Grade 8 Design Elective – Laser Cutting Project

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Directive: design a piece that could be given to a loved one during the holidays. Students were allowed to look at websites like Instructables for inspiration, but if they chose to download a template they had to modify the design in a significant way.

View the results:

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Source:: Liz Beck – Hamlin Ed Tech Blog

Maker Integration: Grade 4 Aviation

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Following Grade 4’s Stem the Gender Gap field trip to NASA, we launched the Wind Tube project. In groups of 6, students built a wind tube using wood, plastic, tape, and a fan. Next challenge = build and test flying structures!

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Laser Cutting Felt with a Full Spectrum Laser

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I teamed up with the Middle School Art Teacher for a unit that explored patterns and shape with 6th Grade students. We used Illustrator to create our patterns and then we laser cut our creations using felt.

Cut settings for the Full Spectrum Laser: Speed 100%, Power 10%.

The results were beautiful!

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